I had a home inspection that indicated that I had hail damage, I called Acura and told my story. Patrick gave me some very good suggestions, including calling a roofer near me. I am in Georgetown and Acura in south Austin. Patrick gave me an appointment for an inspection but asked that if I found someone to please call so that he would not waste a long trip for nothing. I did have a local guy come out and he confirmed damage and gave a verbal quote. I called Patrick, told him that I did not need him. He sent someone out anyway, gave me a written quote and followed up with a phone call with more insight. As it turns out I sold the home, the buyer is doing the repair. I will give him the Acura quote and recommendation but odds are that Acura will not get the job. Patrick understood all of this, continued to give suggestions and follow-up. I can assure you that Acura would have been my choice, what a very nice, helpful and decent human being. Thank you Patrick!

Brian W.,

I had no idea what to expect with hiring a roofer. After some recent damage I yelped him out and called them. Sean took a look the next day and give me a very fair quote. He showed up on time and did a fantastic job. 5 stars!

Clif S.,

This is a great company, and was a pleasure to deal with. Patrick in particular is very friendly and helpful. I normally approach contractors with 100% skepticism and a complete lack of trust until they prove themselves, owing to past experiences with various contractors, and I approached Acura the same way. They were extremely timely, stuck to their estimates, and helped me out in what was an unusual situation (I had done some of the roof myself but had to stop, and they had to come in and clean up the mess and finish the rest of my partially finished project for me). They were happy to accommodate me. When I did find a minor issue a few months later, they immediately came out to take care of it for me without additional charge. They've earned a customer for as long as I have my fixer upper, which figures to be a long time, and when I eventually do my add on, I'm going to request that Acura handle the roofing. I hope to one day upgrade to a metal roof as well, and I plan to trust Acura with that major project.

Rick C.,

I thought Patrick was great. He came out in a crisis - I needed a pre-sale inspection on a roof and he went out of his way to get to it immediately, and stay in contact with me during the whole period I was tearing my hair out.

He ended up not doing the work because I just gave the buyers a credit but he really seemed like one of the few contractors I've dealt with in Austin who will be straight with you, not create work, and not inflate bids.

Plus he was really pleasant to deal with and extremely responsive.

Bindu C.,